The MOVE down the street in August- the full, updated, story

UPDATE (8/27): Today (Mon) we are trying to clean out the last bits from 126 and make a couple of runs to my storage unit. Tuesday, we will continue to unpack and shelve…….getting there.


UPDATE (8/19): With the rain forecasted for Wednesday, we will be moving down the street on Thursday and Friday. Most of the boxes, bookcases and small items can be moved by hand trucks. I think we have plenty….:-)

If you can assist with any of the heavy stuff let me know- otherwise drop by and give me (maybe Stephen) a hug…this is such a big deal!


UPDATE (8/17): We have been told they are inspecting for a Certificate of Occupancy on Tuesday. If it passes, we can get in on Wednesday.

We will begin to move as soon as we get the go-ahead. We do have folks signed up to help, but can always use people who can assemble (non-IKEA) fixtures, read and translate instructions and can put up shelves in two places. Let me know if you are handy. Also, if you can use a stud-finder and attach bookshelves to the walls (one screw and a L-shaped bracket), please let us know. We will more than likely be starting that job late Thursday or early Friday.

The spackle and paint of the old location will, hopefully be over the weekend (25, 26) so let me know if you can assist. that’s all tonight.

We have been told the space will be available on or about the 20th of August. So, we are packing the week of the 12th, and moving when we can get in- probably later in the week of the 20th.

If you filled out the move survey- please fill out the UPDATED survey, since it is more complete. Thanks!

Stay tuned to Facebook for the day-to-day details.

We are moving down the street to 178 Greenwood Avenue in August. Those of you from Bethel will recognize the building as the one that sustained a fire over a year ago- across the street from the Bethel Public Library. I will answer a few anticipated questions here.

YES: We are open through July and August. There are only going to be a few days, as we transfer computers, that we will need to stay out of operation. Follow us on Facebook for the daily updates and requests during the move. I will try to get them to the website too.

WHY: The rent is more affordable. We discovered that much of our business is coming from author events and off-site book vending. That although this new space has the same square footage (much less storage) we could continue to manage a brick-and-mortar storefront if our costs were reduced.

WHAT: Yes, gift certificates will still be good. Yes, we will still take special orders- it is a HUGE chunk of our business. Yes, we will still keep your summer reading books available. Yes, we will be doing lots of events.

WHERE: The Toy Room is moving in next door- we are placing an interior door between the two businesses. This will allow Byrd’s Books to add to our offerings of children’s events- like writing workshops, combined Story Times, more book-themed crafts and discussions for children. No we are not becoming exclusively a children’s bookstore.

FOCUS: Although we are adding to our children’s events, our intention is to add to our regular (non-children’s) inventory. We hope to broaden our scope a bit. Look for a survey on reading interests to come your way soon.

SALES: We CONTINUE to have the sales going on IN the store until we move. The important books, greeting cards and gifts we are moving down the street- or replenishing books to be delivered there.

THE MOVE: We will come back to a weekend, then will begin packing Tuesday the 14th. The items on the shelves need to be packed up before we can move the furniture. We will move the shelves and other fixtures the week of the 20th. Then we re-assemble. All the while we will be open all but a day or two while the computers transfer- yep, that’s right, open. The timing will be updated here.

HELP: Here are some thing we could use – the survey to volunteer is HERE.

  • Packers– folks to carefully pack and label boxes of books and other items- this will take several days. Volunteering for an hour or two makes a big difference!
  • Handy folks– the shelving units need to be unscrewed from the walls and each other. On the other end they need to be screwed to each other and anchored to the studs in the walls.
  • Painting – we need help doing some minor repair to the walls (screw holes) of our current space when we leave. Spackle and paint. We also have a small amount of carpet to pull up.
  • Store design and merchandising suggestions– at any point in the process. We have professional bookstore design folks working with us too. The store is mapped-out (come see!).
  • Re-shelving by section– all the books have a specific place to go alphabetically.
  • Re- labeling the store– not as small a job as it sounds. But we do need to find the books!
  • Moving things to the new store. Either helping hand-truck materials to the new store, or taking a small box in your car.
  • Hours: Yes, we will give students community service hours….and pizza. Contact Alice.
  • Suggestions for movers for the larger pieces- for example, the sideboard is a job for a pro.
  • You are most welcome to find us an investor or a business partner. Just thought I would throw that one out into the universe….

Thank you for all that you do to keep this little independent bookstore alive. Your support and encouragement is impactful. We strive to bring quality reading materials and the culture of a neighborhood bookstore to Bethel and the surrounding area. It is no secret that online sales have changed the face of most downtowns in the country- and our is not immune to the effect that Amazon has on our business, and others here. Nevertheless, we feel we bring something meaningful to share, and will continue to strive to make it work. “Shop local” is not just a slogan, it’s a lifestyle.