Manifest Your Year with Melanie Barnum at Byrd’s Books on June 6th

Join us Thursday June 6th as Byrd’s Books welcomes back Melanie Barnum with her new Book, “Manifest Your Year: Exercises to Make Your Wishes Come True”  To save a spot or save a book, click HERE.

About the book:

Manifest your best life! If you are looking to create a life you’ll love this book is for you. Manifest Your Year gives you 52 simple to use manifestation exercises to bring about all of the changes you want. You need only believe it to achieve it! So often we are afraid or even embarrassed to think we deserve to have what we want–but that time is over! This book will help you discover just how painless it can be to attain exactly what we want and more! What have you been waiting for? This easy to use guide can be used weekly, following the book in the order it was written, or you can pick and choose which positive spell works for you, in the moment, to fulfill your desires. Each exercise has been created by Melanie Barnum, intuitively, to be fun and straightforward, yet effective, to produce the shifts you are hoping for.


About the author:

Melanie Barnum (Bethel, CT) is a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, life coach, and hypnotist who has been practicing professionally for more than fifteen years. She was a VIP Reader at Psych Out, a gathering of the nation’s foremost psychics, organized by Court TV. Barnum is also an Angelspeake Facilitator, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT).

Laura Bradford brings us A Daughter’s Truth on June 11th at 7:00pm

Join us for an evening with Laura Bradford as she shares her latest book, A Daughter’s Truth on Tuesday June 11th at 7:00pm. To save a spot or pre-order a book, click HERE.

About the book:

Emma Lapp tries to be the perfect daughter, to earn the loving embrace of her family and her Amish community in Pennsylvania. Yet she can’t quite win her mother’s smile–or her forgiveness for a transgression Emma can’t quite place . . .Emma knows she’s a reminder of her mother’s greatest sorrow, having been born on the same day Mamm lost her beloved sister. The one bright spot has been the odd trinkets anonymously left at her aunt’s grave each year on Emma’s birthday–gifts Emma secretly hides because they upset her parents. But the day she turns 22, a locket bears a surprise that sends her on an unexpected journey . . .Searching for answers, Emma travels to the English world and finds a kinship as intriguing as it is forbidden. But is this newfound connection enough to leave behind the future she’d expected? The answers are as mysterious, and as devastating, as the truth that divides Emma from the only family, and the only life, she’s ever known . . .

About the author:

Laura Bradford is also the author of several bestselling mystery series, including the Amish Mysteries. She lives in Mohegan Lake, New York, with her husband and their blended brood. Visit her website at

Join is for a book signing with Rhoda Banks on June 18th

Join us for a book signing with Rhoda Banks on Tuesday June 18th at 7:00pm as she signs Davidic Worship: Strategies for Breakthrough in the End Times. To save a spot or pre-order a book, click HERE.

About the book (from the publisher):

In Davidic Worship: Strategies for Breakthrough in the End Times, Rhoda Banks reveals how intimacy with God develops through worship. When we worship in spirit and truth, we allow God’s spirit to reign in powerful demonstrations of healing, deliverance, and great power. The church will see a dramatic shift in the spiritual climate as praise leads the way to overturn the enemy’s plans. As we sing a new song, we co-labor with our heavenly hosts to demolish strongholds and areas of resistance that have prevented us from breaking through.. When we begin to speak to our destinies that we are moving from lack and limitation to a place of fulfillment and restoration, we capture the sound waves that move us from despair to hope. Miracles ride on the waves of praise. For in this hour, God is synchronizing heaven and earth. He is bringing back what was originally lost in the garden and is restoring sounds that the enemy has captured and now reclaiming for His glory! Davidic worship emulates heavenly patterns of worship around the throne room. As heaven aligns with earth, a mighty outpouring of His spirit emerges. Revival fires are sparked as we join with our heavenly hosts, to see a fresh manifestation of God’s glory in our midst.. Rhoda Banks is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice for the past nineteen years. Rhoda operates in a prophetic, revelatory gift. She has an anointing for song and has ministered on various worship teams throughout the years. She has sung in many choral performances throughout the Northeast, including Carnegie Hall in New York City. She is a songstress who desires that the body of Christ worship God in the beauty of His holiness and stay committed to Him. She is the author of Favor: The Purpose of Being Hidden and Dance as David Danced: The Return of Davidic Worship. Davidic Worship: Strategies for Breakthrough in the End Times is the updated, second edition of this published work.

About the author in her own words:

I enjoy working with clients who are experiencing life changes, such as depression, divorce and job difficulties. I do a lot of EAP work, dealing with workplace difficulties. I am also an SAP(Substance Abuse Professional), who does DWI evaluations and assessments for DOT referrals. I also work with teenagers,dealing with divorce issues and relationship problems. Much of my work deals with marriage and family issues. I have successfully helped many couples dealing with marital issues, and extramarital affairs. I have worked for the State of New York for many years, dealing with individuals with chronic mental illness.

I see clients that are suffering from depression, anxiety and relationship problems. My specialty allows me to deal with Substance Abuse issues and to work on bringing healing and restoration. I also work with the Military Support Program in Ct., where I counsel Veterans returning from Iraq.
I like seeing people being able to enjoy their life to the fullest. I am able to bring my expertise in revealing areas that are blocked and seeing them removed once again. I want to bring hope to the brokenhearted and see wounds healed. I am a highly skilled therapist.


Join us Tuesday July 9th as we welcome author Peter Houlahan

Join us Tuesday July 9th at 7:0pm with Connecticut author Peter Houlahan as he discusses and signs his new book, Norco ’80: The True Story of the Most Spectacular Bank Robbery in American History. You can save a spot or pre-order the book HERE.

From the publisher:

Peter Houlahan brings to life the story of how five heavily armed young men, led by an apocalyptic born-again Christian, attempted a bank robbery that turned into one of the most violent criminal events in U.S. history, forever changing the face of American law enforcement.

A group of landscapers transforms into a murderous gang of bank robbers armed to the teeth with military-grade weapons. Their desperate getaway turned the surrounding towns into war zones. When it was over, three were dead and close to twenty wounded; a police helicopter was forced down from the sky, and thirty-two police vehicles were destroyed by thousands of rounds of ammo. The resulting trial shook the community to the core, raising many issues that continue to face society today: from the epidemic of post-traumatic stress disorder within law enforcement to religious extremism and the militarization of local police forces.
“On May 9, 1980, what we usually happens only in action-thriller movies came to life in Orange Country, California. I don’t usually read true crime, but Houlahan’s writing pulled me in. While reading this meticulously researched and documented account, I could almost smell the gunpowder, hear the cacophony of gunfire making my ears ring, and see the dust clear as the largest crime scene in American history came into view. Documented here is how an attempted bank robbery and its subsequent trial would forever change a town, its people, and law enforcement nationwide. The crime and court case may have been an unbelievable firestorm catastrophe, but this book is pitch-perfect.” –Shannon Alden, Literati Bookstore (Ann Arbor, MI)

“A guns-blazing account of a crime that changed American law enforcement’s readiness for violence in the extreme.” – Joseph Wambaugh, The Onion Field

“One of the best true crime accounts ever written. Harrowing, incisive, and important.” – Tod Goldberg, Gangsterland

About the author: Peter Houlahan holds an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. In his career as an emergency medical technician, he has contributed to a number of articles related to his profession, including the impact of PTSD on first responders. A native Southern Californian, Houlahan now lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Norco ’80 is his first book.

Join us Friday July 12th with authors Amy Nawrocki and Eric Lehman

Join us for a very special evening on Friday July 12th at 7:00pm with authors Amy Nawrocki and Eric Lehman as they discuss each of their latest books, Mouthbrooders and Great Pan is Dead. To save a spot or order a book, click HERE.

About Mouthbrooders by Amy Nawrocki:

“Where does language originate, especially the language of poetry—in the brain or the emotions? In the images we behold, or in the memory? In this deeply observant collection, Amy Nawrocki asks, ‘What language do you have / for the barren days when nothing catches your eye?’ And although ‘The contortionist is unable to speak / from all her sword swallowing,’ Nawrocki whose brain and emotions once survived a near-fatal illness, is able to be, in beautiful language, an eyewitness—not only to her own inner life but also to what is fragile and transient in all our lives. This poet knows how illness and fear can seep into the everyday. And it is exactly this awareness that breathes life into every word of Mouthbrooders.” –Cortney Davis, author of Taking Care of Time


About Great Pan is Dead by Erik Lehman:

From the small-world accidents of finding lost toys and meeting old friends in strange places, to apparent twists of fate that lead to historical events, people continue to find meaning in coincidence. In Great Pan is Dead, author Eric D. Lehman investigates this phenomenon through the lens of his own mysterious stories and ponders how the puzzles of our lives fit together. From a frightening encounter in England’s Lake District to a moment of transcendence in the Sistine Chapel, this insightful memoir will make you see your world in a startling new way.


About Amy Nawrocki:

Amy Nawrocki is a Connecticut native, raised in Newtown and now living in Hamden. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Sarah Lawrence College and a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Arkansas. She has received numerous honors for her poetry, including awards from the Litchfield Review Poetry Contest, the Codhill Chapbook Competition, The Loft Anthology, Phi Kappa Phi, New Millennium Writings, and the Connecticut Poetry Society. She is the author of five poetry collections: Potato Eaters, Nomad’s End, Lune de Miel, Four Blue Eggs and Reconnaissance. With her husband, Eric D. Lehman, she wrote A History of Connecticut Wine, A History of Connecticut Food and Literary Connecticut. She teaches English and Creative Writing at the University of Bridgeport and is mother to two cats, Maple and Django.

About Eric Lehman:

Eric D. Lehman is a travel and history writer, with reviews, essays, and stories in dozens of magazines and journals. He is also an award-winning author of many books, including Afoot in Connecticut, The Foundation of Summer, A History of Connecticut Wine, Insiders’ Guide to Connecticut, A History of Connecticut Food, Becoming Tom Thumb: Charles Stratton, P.T. Barnum, and the Dawn of American Celebrity, and Homegrown Terror: Benedict Arnold and the Burning of New London. In his spare time, he pursues Henry Miller scholarship and teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Bridgeport, where he directs the school literary magazine, Groundswell, and the faculty essay series, The Commons. He lives in Hamden with his wife, poet Amy Nawrocki, and his two cats.