More Caps for Sale

MoreCapsMore Caps for Sale
By Esphyr Slobodkina, with Ann Marie Sayer

The beloved classic Caps for Sale is now celebrating its 75th anniversary with a brand-new sequel featuring the caps peddler and those mischievous monkeys, now with even more monkey business in store!

In Caps for Sale, the peddler woke up from an afternoon nap to discover a tree full of monkeys all wearing his caps. Well, he got his caps back, but the story doesn’t end there!

When More Caps for Sale begins, it is later that same day and the peddler starts his walk home. He does not look back. He does not notice monkeys following him. Right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. All in step.

Now they are sitting in the tree in the peddler’s backyard. Those monkeys!

The peddler is about to have another extraordinary adventure. True to their nature, the sixteen monkeys that make up the Caps for Sale troop mimic the peddler, but this time good things just might happen.

Filled with warmth and humor, this easy-to-read book is perfect for early readers and follows the same great folktale tradition as the original Caps for Sale.

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