Letters from Sandy Hook-Newtown to the World

Letters from Sandy HookEdited by Suzanne Davenport

A deeply heartfelt collection of original letters written by members of the Sandy Hook-Newtown community, giving the world a simple and honest view into their lives. The Sandy Hook-Newtown community is a wonderful, typical New England community. This book is a compilation of letters from Sandy Hook-Newtown residents who are old and new. A tragic, horrible event happened in this community on December 14, 2012. With the world, this community cherishes the lives lost and grieves the senseless act of violence. But December 14th does not define this community. This is not just a book about that day it is a book about who the people and community of Sandy Hook-Newtown are on any given day. Since the tragic event on December 14, 2012, this community has been shown a tremendous amount of love and compassion from all over the world in so many different forms. Letters from Sandy Hook-Newtown to the World is a small offering from the people of Sandy Hook-Newtown, letting you know who they are and have always been. The book contains nearly 100 letters, presented in both original handwritten and typed forms. They are further organized into loose groupings that the editor felt were appropriate in the sense that they seemed to echo a common theme or feeling. Additionally, the book is beautifully illustrated with nearly 100 photographs from Sandy Hook-Newtown, giving you a visual feel for this beautiful community and its surroundings.

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