There Is Still Time For That Great Summer Read!

Happy summer from Byrd’s Books!

Hey, students – don’t forget about your summer reading! Here at Byrd’s Books, we have a great summer reading table with everything you’ll need for intermediate, middle, and high school students in Bethel and its surrounding area. With classics like Frankenstein, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Atonement alongside newer titles like Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and Guys Read: The Sports Pages, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy!

But summer reading isn’t just for kids. Byrd’s Books is carrying all the newest titles for adults, both fiction and non-fiction. Brand-new titles like Shine Shine Shine, Tigers in Red Weather, and Jack 1939 – all released just weeks ago! – can be found in the story, with many new books on sale for 25% off. For the non-fiction reader, great new picks include Hemingway’s Boat (the wonderful, if tragic, story of his life, just released in paperback!) and The Violinist’s Thumb (a fascinating and well-written look at how genetics affect just about every part of our lives).

And of course, we have our new and improved deep discount table open for business, with everything from classic titles to kids’ books to beautiful coffee-table art volumes. Stop in and see what’s new here at Byrd’s Books!

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