How Generosity Works

By Janet Ettele

The first in the How Life Works series, How Generosity Works tells how one can use the transformational power of Master Shantideva’s teachings contained in The Bodhisattvas Guide to Life to reach a happier and healthy place.

The actual story is set in a small New England town, and an unlikely connection is formed between a young man and Grace, a middle-aged piano teacher and Buddhist practitioner. Troy, still grieving the death of his good friend, a break-up with his girlfriend, and the fall-out of his parents’ divorce, has returned home after failing too many classes in college. At his father’s house he endures the unwelcoming scorn from a combative and critical stepmother. Informed by Master Shantideva’s Sutra of the Perfection of Generosity, Grace teaches Troy about mindfulness, compassion and generosity. In a touching story that empowers Troy to take control of his own life, this story demonstrates how to transform pain into a profound experience of love.

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