Heather Hansen O’Neill Author Event

On Tuesday, July 24th at 7:00 p.m., local author Heather Hansen O’Neill will be hosting an author event signing and discussing her new book, Find Your Fire at Forty.

Find Your Fire at Forty is an innovative combination of creative non-fiction and how-to. The story of Find Your Fire at Forty is a poignant look at five flawed characters lives. They end up trapped together in a coffee shop with an unlikely life coach who takes them through the process of self discovery. They each walk away with a powerful lesson of transformation that will enable them to find their passion and live more successful, joyful lives.

The bonus how-to section of Find Your Fire at Forty provides a breakdown of the five step process upon which the story is based.

Step 1 shows you how to release your fear and take control of your life.

Step 2 helps you understand your strengths and find your unique talent.

Step 3 provides compassionate practices that help you improve your relationships as you navigate your transition.

Step 4 presents a simple, sensible process to achieve your goals by taking action.

And Step 5 uses your newfound passion, talent, and skills to contribute to others.

Find Your Fire at Forty demonstrates and inspires people to take their lives to the next level and love the life they live.

Registration is recommended for this author event. To register and guarantee a seat, please call Byrd’s Books at (203) 730-2973 or e-mail events@ByrdsBooks.com.

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