Bethel’s new bookstore promises service and tradition

Alice Hutchinson has opened a bookstore called Byrd’s Books in Bethel. It’s located above the space which will become the new home of Molten Java at 213 Greenwood Ave. in the Dolan Plaza. Photo taken Tuesday, January 3, 2012. Photo: Carol Kaliff / The News-Times

Eileen FitzGerald, Staff Writer Published 11:15 p.m., Friday, January 6, 2012

There’s a new bookstore in Bethel — Byrd’s Books. It allows owner Alice Hutchinsonto follow her passion for books and tap knowledge gained working in her mother’s independent bookstore and at Barnes and Noble.

Byrd’s Books fills two rooms and 450-square-feet of space. It’s on the second floor of the renovated Victorian housethat anchors Dolan Plaza at 213 Greenwood Ave.

“I’m interested in the culture of books,” said Hutchinson, whose middle name is Byrd. “People who love books are looking for a discovery. I love it. I just love it.”

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