Author and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro shares her new book with us at Byrd’s Books

We are honored to welcome Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro for an author talk and book discussion of her new book “The Least Among Us: Waging the Battle For the Vulnerable” on Friday December 8th at 7:00pm.
The outspoken Connecticut congresswoman’s impassioned defense of America’s safety net in the time of Trump.

Growing up in New Haven, Connecticut, DeLauro saw firsthand how vulnerable hard-working people are in the face of corporate indifference and government neglect. From fatal industrial fires to devastating childhood poverty, DeLauro witnessed it all–and emerged convinced that social programs are worth going to the mat for, again and again. Worker protections, Social Security, unemployment insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and housing assistance lift up all Americans; they fulfill this country’s promise of opportunity for everyone, and are essential for our country’s health.

For twenty-five years, DeLauro has been fighting for everyday Americans, earning a reputation as the most impassioned defender of our social safety net. The Least Among Us tells the story of a quarter century of deal-making on behalf of people too often overlooked, told by a woman as fearless as she is opinionated. Part House of Cards, part progressive manifesto, The Least Among Us shares lessons about power–how it’s gained and how to wield it for everyone’s benefit.

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