E. Aster Bunnymund

E. Aster Bunnymund cover

By William Joyce

Pitch, the Nightmare King, and his Fearlings had been soundly driven back by Nicholas St. North and company in the first Guardians’ adventure. But now Pitch has disappeared completely–and out of sight does NOT make for out of mind. Enter E. Aster Bunnymund, the only emissary of the fabled brotherhood of the Pookas–the league of philosophical warrior rabbits of imposing intellect and size.


Nicholas St. North

Nicholas St. North cover

By William Joyce and Laura Gringer, illustrated by William Joyce

Forget naughty or nice; this is a battle of good and evil. Luminary Joyce and co-author Geringer deliver the first book in a new series. Before Santa was Santa, he was Nicholas St. North–a daredevil swordsman whose prowess with double scimitars was legendary.