Meet Rev. Patricia Brooks, author of “God is in the Little Things: Messages From Golden Angels”

God is in the Samll ThingsByrd’s Books welcomes Rev. Patricia Brooks as she discusses her struggle to reclaim her connection to her Higher Self and discover the meaning of her life. Patricia will discuss her past lives from Ancient Rome to present day Boston. Patricia will share the journey of her book, “God is in the Little Things: Messages From Golden Angels”.

Please join us for this special afternoon Sunday November 2nd at 2:00pm.

About the author:

Patricia is an animal totem intuitive, angel card reader, and healer with the Seven Rays. Patricia authors two spiritual blogs and is a contributing writer to Lightworkers World.


Andy Thibault joins us to discuss “More Cool Justice” Tuesday November 19th at 7:00pm

More Cool JusticeWe welcome journalist Andy Thibault for an exciting evening as he discusses his latest book, “More Cool Justice”.

About the book:

Andy Thibault is the author of the newly released “more COOL JUSTICE”, a second collection of hard-hitting essays credited with helping to free a woman unjustly convicted of first degree murder. Novelist Chandra Prasad calls Thibault “Connecticut’s premiere journalistic warrior.” Wally Lamb says: “Thibault is a junkyard dog for justice who bares his teeth at pomposity and institutional unfairness and only bites the truly deserving.” Thibault was honored by the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information in 2014 with the Stephen Collins Award for his “many contributions to the cause of open and accountable government and a free and vigorous press.” His first collection, “Law and Justice in Everyday Life”, was published in 2002, featuring an introduction by Howard Zinn and foreword by F. Lee Bailey. (true crime, journalism)

About the author:

Thibault is chairman emeritus of the Connecticut Young Writers Trust and has taught at Western Connecticut State University, the University of Hartford and Northwestern Connecticut Community College. Mr. Thibault has been an editor at such publications as The Hartford Courant, The Stamford Advocate, The Commercial Record, Norwich Bulletin, Register Citizen and The Times Leader. His profiles of subjects including poets and prosecutors, as well as essays on the arts, have appeared in Connecticut Magazine and Northeast Magazine. His work has also appeared on “Page Six” of The New York Post. He is a former commissioner and hearing officer for the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission, an agency charged with opening access to government records; a former vice chairman of the Litchfield Board of Education and a former board member of the Connecticut Commission on the Arts.

Thibault’s work as an investigative reporter and feature writer has earned numerous state and national awards. A judge from the Society of Professional Journalists writing competition said this about Thibault’s probe of the cover-up of a hit-and-run death in a Connecticut city: “The writer explores whether New London’s former mayor benefited from a widespread cover-up for the 1973 hit-and-run death of a college student. Witty, compelling — the writer has a knack for speaking in conversational tone, all the while quietly weaving in crucial facts to support his arguments that more people should be outraged by the shoddy circumstances surrounding the 1973 investigation.”

He co-authored and edited a series on the court system’s handling of a juvenile sexual assault case in 1982 and 1983 that led to changes in Connecticut law regarding the status of juveniles in adult court. The series won first place prizes from the National Newspaper Association for investigative reporting, the New England Press Association for community service and the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists for in-depth reporting. Twice since 1999 Thibault’s notes and sources were sought by a lawyer who subpoenaed him to federal court. He refused to give up the sources and notes, and the court and the lawyer eventually left him alone. His legal expenses were subsidized by friends, colleagues, pro bono assistance from attorneys Phil Russell, Roy Ward and Norm Pattis and the Society of Professional Journalists Legal Defense Fund.

Read more about the author here.

Jerry Brooker returns to Byrd’s Books Friday December 19th at 7:00p.m.

Waiting For The Red CowByrd’s Books welcomes back Gerard (Jerry) Brooker for a book discussion and signing of his latest book, “Waiting For the Red Cow”.

About the book:

“Waiting for the Red Cow” is the last in the trilogy about Tyszka and Sarah. We watched them survive Auschwitz and fall in love in “The Illustrator”, move to Palestine to help found Israel in “Oh, Israel, My Heart Yearns for Thee”. And now, in “Waiting for the Red Cow”, we follow them on the most perilous of all their journeys, from the statehood of Israel through the many Israeli-Palestinian conflicts.

It is only when the myth of the Red Cow’s arrival in Jerusalem comes true that the wars, tensions, and struggles of untold years end. It is a story of the intriguing power of the imagination that empowers the coming of a red cow.

About the author in Jerry’s words: Gerard Brooker, author photo

“I spent core part of my teaching experience as chairman of the English Department at Staples H.S. in Westport, CT. for 25 years. I published over 350 articles and poems, mostly about social issues. Books of poems: “A Quiet Conversation” (Wing and a Prayer Press, 2002); “Even Whispers Can Be Heard” (Goose River Press, 2004). Novels: “A Gathering of Doves” (Tate Publishing, 2006), “The Illustrator” (Tate Publishing, 2008), “The Jesus Ultimatum” (2009), “Dew Drops in Tree Tops: a Book of Haiku,” (2009), and another novel, “Oh Israel, My Heart Yearns for Thee” (2010), “There’s a Fortune Cookie in My Turtle Soup” (2012) and “short Stories and Essays: The Musings of a Man Held Captive by His Imagination” (2013).

To read more about Jerry’s amazing life click here. Jerry lives with his wife in Bethel.