March Meditation classes with Irene

POSTPONED TO FRIDAY 3/16 AT 6:30. Irene Mardal, the original owner of Take Time Relaxation Center, will offer one hour classes on Tuesday March 13th and Tuesday March 27th at 6:30pm that will include meditation and qigong (moving meditation). (More dates to follow)

The classes will be $15.00 per person.

You can sign up HERE to save a spot. You are welcome to attend them individually or reserve all five. (We reserve the right to limit class size due to space).

About Irene:

Licensed Massage Therapist since 1994, certified in: Lymphatic drainage & comlete decongestive therapy, Post-secondary instructor, Tai Chi Easy, Infant Massage, and a Reiki Master.
Irene brings the science of anatomy and physiology to understand the importance of mindfulness in a fun, interactive workshop. Her experience from massage through labor,
infants to Hospice care, Hospital to sports has created a unique look at life and our perception of stress. Isn’t it time for you to Take Time?

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