Invention of Exile

Bestselling author Vanessa Manko makes a surprise visit Wednesday September at 4:00-ish.

On a sweep of Connecticut bookstores in one day, Vanessa Manko is ending up at Byrd's Books on Wednesday September 17th at (around) 4:00p.m. to sign books and chat it up! Formerly from Brookfield, we feel Vanessa is "coming home" to Byrd's Book! Please join us for this very special event. About the book: "Austin Voronkov is many things. He is an engineer, an inventor, an immigrant from Russia to Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1913, where he … [Read More...]

Cover Seducing HarryJudith M-W

Writing Workshops With Judith Marks-White

Judith Marks-White returns to teach a series of workshops, "Tickling Your Funny Bone: The Art and Marketing of the Humorous and Reflective Essay"    "Why do writers write? Because it isn't there." - Thomas Berger  Learn to "put it there" in your own inimitable style. Discover your unique voice and talent as you create essays that will bring to life both the funny and serious person that you are. The classes will function as workshops where … [Read More...]


Edge of Eternity

Edge of Eternity: Book Three of the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett Ken Follett's Century Trilogy follows the fortunes of five intertwined families – American, German, Russian, English, and Welsh – as they make their way through the twentieth century. It has been called "potent, engrossing" (Publishers Weekly) and "truly epic" (Huffington Post). USA Today said, "You actually feel like you're there." Edge of Eternity, the finale, covers one … [Read More...]

Fairfield County

Amy Kundrat’s “Fairfield County Chef’s Table” & LaZingara Ristorante

Byrd's Books enjoyed a very special evening with Amy Kundrat at LaZingara for a discussion of her new book, "Fairfield County Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes from Connecticut's Gold Coast". The evening included farm-inspired fare from LaZingara, a signed copy of Amy's book and a recipe to go! About the book: Fairfield County stakes a claim to some of Connecticut's most diverse terrain, an enviable proximity to New York City, and a … [Read More...]

Featured INDIE Bestsellers

Colorless Tsukuru Takazi and His Years of Pilgrimage

By Haruki Murakami Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage is the long-awaited new novel – a book that sold more than a million copies the first week it went on sale in Japan – from the award-winning, internationally best-selling … [Read More...]

The Book of Life

By Deborah Harkness The highly anticipated finale to the #1 New York Times bestselling trilogy that began with A Discovery of Witches. After traveling through time in Shadow of Night, the second book in Deborah Harkness's enchanting series, … [Read More...]

The Bone Clocks

By David Mitchell Following a terrible fight with her mother over her boyfriend, fifteen-year-old Holly Sykes slams the door on her family and her old life. But Holly is no typical teenage runaway: A sensitive child once contacted by voices she … [Read More...]

The Fourteenth Goldfish

By Jennifer L. Holm Believe in the possible… with this brilliantly quirky, thought-provoking novel from New York Times bestseller, three-time Newbery Honor winner Jennifer L. Holm Galileo. Newton. Salk. Oppenheimer. Science can change the world… but can it go too far? Eleven-year-old Ellie has never liked change. She misses fifth grade. She misses her old best friend. She even misses … [Read More...]

The Forbidden Stone

By Tony Abbott A secret past can destroy the future… It all begins when Wade Kaplan receives a strange, coded email from his uncle Henry, shortly before the old man's sudden and suspicious death. He sets off for Germany to attend the funeral with his father, Roald, and his three friends Darrell, Lily, and Becca, only to discover that Uncle Henry left them yet another baffling message that … [Read More...]

Flying Machines

By Nick Arnold, illustrated by Brendan Kearney Ready to take off? Learn all about aerodynamics and find everything you need to make five fabulous flying machines. Do you love machines that fly? Can you name some key aviation inventions, from balloons to solar-powered planes? Do you know how flight forces such as gravity, drag, thrust, and lift work? Kids who are raring to make their own … [Read More...]


The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion & the Fall of Imperial Russia

By Candace Fleming "[A] superb history… In these thrilling, highly readable pages, we meet Rasputin, the shaggy, lecherous mystic…; we visit the gilded ballrooms of the doomed aristocracy; and we pause in the sickroom of little Alexei, the hemophiliac heir who, with his parents and four sisters, would be murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1918." —The Wall Street Journal Here is the tumultuous, … [Read More...]

E. B. White On Dogs

By E. B. White E. B. White (1899-1985) is best known for his children's books, Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, and The Trumpet of the Swan. Columnist for The New Yorker for over half a century and co-author of Strunk and White's The Elements of Style, White hit his stride as an American literary icon when he began publishing his "One Man's Meat" columns from his saltwater farm on the coast of … [Read More...]

The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest

The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest: 150 Recipes for Freezing, Canning, Drying, and Pickling Fruits and Vegetables by Carol W. Costenbader Learn how to preserve the season's bounty in this classic primer on drying, freezing, canning, and pickling techniques. You'll learn everything you need to know to stock your pantry with fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, vinegars, pickles, chutneys, and … [Read More...]